Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wishlist ⎟Craving staple

Fall wish list

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine has flown by so quickly, I can't even get how sunday is about to be over soon. The weather has been rather poorly so I couldn't take any proper blog picture. Today I went to the movies to see The Little Prince and oh boy, It was so good! I cried, laughed and was absorbed by the story throughout the two hours! I read the book when I was younger and the movie definitely do it justice. Such a strong, beautiful story.

Now, I'm just here watching TV with a glass of wine while online shopping. Currently, I'm craving staple items. I feel like my wardrobe lacks some good staples for fall. My first staple items craving are dresses. I lack some serious dress game. I just have ordered this white victoriana dress - after seeing it on Laura - I just knew I HAD to have it too. It's a bit on the gaudi side but if you tone it down with a little leather jacket, it is really gorgeous. The other dress I really have my eyes on, is this gorgeous midi black & lace piece. How stunning?

Boots wise, I'm craving more and more black booties. I already got one pair from Zara last month, and now I feel like these would fit right in in my wardrobe. Black, classic and with a little edge- the silver buckle or the croc print.

Other items I really need to stock up on are stripped and white t-shirts - because that's all I seem to wear these days -  a black pair of jeans - this one is perfect because it has the girlfriend cut which gives it a more laid-back feeling -and I absolutely need a khaki hat for this fall. Then, in the makeup department I think I'm all set : I just need some more nude lip colors which is what I wear every single day. I have tried the red lips look, but I always come back to my nudes!

Last on the list, is my dream bag. This is the staple of all staples : Chanel double flap bag, caviar leather, medium size with silver hardware - haha I know exactly the one I want. I have started to save money to buy it before my 30th birthday (I have some time ahead). It's my new life goal basically, haha!

1. Hat: Zara (here) // 2. Stripped t-shirt: Zara (here) // 3. Bag: Chanel (here) //4. Croc booties: Nelly (here)
5. Victoriana Dress: Topshop (here) // 6. Girlfriend jeans: Topshop (here) // 7. Black dress: Topshop (here)
8. Buckle boots: Zara (here) // 9. Lipstick: Nars - Shade Barbara (here

Monday, August 10, 2015

Instalife #35

Monday is finally over. Thank GOD, I thought I would never get through this day. I was honestly overwhelmed with so many things to do work wise and on a more personal level too, It can get pretty stressful. I'm trying to rest my brain by watching old Real Housewives of New Jersey and scrolling through Instagram. I love how everyone seem to be in The Maldives or in the South of France right now, it makes me feel like I'm there too just by watching it haha.

I have got myself a new pair of booties for fall already. The weather was dreadful last week, I just couldn't help myself. They are cut out, black, pointy boots. I love them! I can already see myself wearing it with a little black dress and a leather jacket. All black, all day, everydayyyyy!

I also have been living off iced vanilla latte lately, I'm trying to cut off sugar - by that I mean, heavy loaded sweets like M&Ms - so I feel like this drink is a good compromise. You can even make it skinny! 

I think I have now become a mini chef. I just find something so - soul soothing - in cooking. But also, it's mostly because I love to eat, it just makes me happy to cook my best so I will eat my best later on haha. 

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

New in ⎢ Birchbox

Back in June, I received a nice little Birchbox parcel with all of the new products available on their website. You know me, I love a good ol' goodie bag. Never makes me happier to try out new products haha! I'm not subscribed to Birchbox - or to any other boxes for that matter - just because I don't find that convenient for me. I think it's a nice thing to do for a birthday present - a 3 month subscription!  But for me, I'd rather buy the whole sized product right away after doing all my little online research previously of course. That's what I actually like about Birchbox, it's that you get to order full size products on their website and they have so many products to chose from - some brands quite hard to find or totally unknown in the european market. 

My favorites products from this little goodie bag was this gorgeous LOLA Barcelona nail polish in Rambla (here). Perfect coral summer shade and super easy to apply. I had never heard of this brand before, so I was glad to actually try it. I also am so in love with my SKINDINAVIA finishing setting spray (here) : I have been wanting to try this for ages and I didn't know where to buy it. It's as amazing as I thought it would be : it really helps my make up to last all day. You must try it! 

I also have really enjoyed the LIERAC Luminescence Serum (here), I use this in the morning before applying my makeup to give that extra base glow. This stuff is amazing, it has a pearly shade that gives that extra glow. I won't be using that as a night routine as I'm not sure it's as hydrating as an other serum would be. 

The BE FINE lip scrub (here)is the weirdest scrub I have ever used. It's so thick and creamy: when you apply you look like a creepy clown but the result is quite good. It leaves your lips smooth and moisturized. If you like a rough lip scrub...this one is not for you, it's extra gentle! 

The last product I have used is the BIONIKE Defence Tolerance (here).  The texture of this face cleanser is so unique, it's like a gel water. I have been enjoying this as a makeup remover but it's not enough on its own, I always have to clean wash my face after to make sure it's 100% clean. 

I haven't tried the HIP Shampoo (here) and the KONJAC sponge (here) yet... has anyone tried it before? 
I'm afraid it will be too harsh for my skin!


My favorite fuel breakfast

Oh hey there sunday! So good to see you again. I've had to best lazy weekend so far - those are definitely my faves! I can eat whatever I want, when I want it and where I want it. It's no big deal if I don't feel like eating until 1 PM as I just am busy cleaning, organizing or watching tv shows...but on weekdays It's a whole other story. I usually hate eating early breakfast, I'm more of a brunch kinda girl, but I have learned to change this bad habit of not eating in the morning then eating biscuits around 11AM at work because I'm feeling so down already. 

Now, I force myself to eat a good salty breakfast around 7AM everyday on work days. I have learned that fueling your body with a good breakfast is the most important thing. First thing first, I drink a lot of water right when I wake up then I go in the shower and then I'll go prepare my fuel breakfast. If I don't take a shower or eat breakfast, I just don't feel woken up EVER. I just don't get that "let's do this ish" energy. My favorite fuel breakfast has been smashed avocado on toasted bagels with loads of lemon juice, salt & pepper and sometimes I add smoked salmon or poached eggs!

It is so delicious, it fills you up until lunch time and really give you that work energy you need. I don't even understand how I was doing all these years going to uni not eating in the morning - ever! 

You can also eat some cheese if you feel like it - my favorite is cheddar! - but I always try to avoid peanut butter or nutella in the morning as it's just filled with so much sugars, I get very tired after two hours because the sugar rush is over.

Today I hate ate a bunch of M&Ms with my coffee for breakfast : just because #yolo it's sunday!

Let me know what is your favorite fuel breakfast? I would love to know!


Saturday, August 8, 2015

A few favorites

After a rough work week, I'm really glad to be in bed with a cup of coffee, reading my favorite blogs and catching on the latest YT videos. Ahhhh....more of that would be great. I need to destress and re-focus on what's important : online shopping for fall and the new episode of Real Housewives of New York City. Haha!

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites products I have been using non stop for the last month : it has been a little boring somehow because my skin is still quite tanned so I don't like applying too much. I have not been using any blush or concealer! 

Obviously, I had to incorporate a large bronzer is this picture : it is my must-have all year long. I love this one from Pupa but I also have been loving the large one from Essence - it's so incredible for the price! As a foundation I have been mixing my L'Oréal Infallible 24h with the Bourjois Nude Sensation just because I want a long lasting, covering and more matte finish than what I usually wear. My skin has been more oily than even - and I usually have the dry-est skin on earth so I need to adapt my foundation routine. 

On the lips of course : Honeylove and Yash by Mac. Two new favorites that I wear on a daily basis. 
If you love liquid highlighter, you must get the Rimmel Good to Glow in shade 003 (the other shades are just too sparkly in my opinion). It is so beautiful and gives that next level glow! 

On my eyes, I have been using bronzer as an eyeshadow  with my Real techniques brush - how boring have I become really -with the KIKO gel liner, Pupa VAMP mascara and my favorite Eylure 143 lashes pretty much every day!

If you love baby barbie pink on your nails, you need to get OPI - Mod About You. It's the most beautiful pink shade EVER.  And finally, my summer scent : Viktor & Rolf. It's just the most amazing perfume I ever tried on. I want to try Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche for next summer though! 

Ok, plans for the day: sleep, take blog pictures then catch up on all my favorite tv show in bed. Not leaving bed pretty much! 


Thursday, August 6, 2015

White see-through

I had such a fun little afternoon lunch break with my mom today. Eating outside, picking up some baby shower for my sister - oh yes...breaking news :  I'm going to be an auntie. I'm bursting with joy and excitement! I'm going to be that cool crazy bad ass aunt that buys you everything you want and tells you everything you need to know about life haha. I'm planning a little baby shower for my sister which is very exciting! After all the fun I asked my mom to snap some pictures of my outfit and I have to say I quite impressed with her skills : way to go Mom!

Onto the outfit now : You know how much I love a good midi skirt. It's the perfect attire for a summer day. I got this one after seeing it on a girl in London back in June. I was that desperate girl asking "excuse me but where is your skirt from? It's so perfect" haha. The thick material, the see lace through detail, the color...everything is right up my alley. 

I paired it with a long sleeved grey crop top just because I honestly couldn't anything in my wardrobe that would look good with the skirt, haha! Now I am more than ready for friday to arrive so I can binge watch Games of Thrones - although I'm not sure I fully understand what is going on, I have just started watching it, haha.

Skirt: Topshop (here) // Top: New look // Bag: Zara // Sunnies: Quay - On the prowl 



Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rose de Vigne Eau Fraîche

Well, well, looks like summer weather is finally back, at least for the day. But that's ok I'll take it haha! 30° are announced so I'm in the mood for a white midi skirt, light makeup andt summer scents...I honestly was on the verge to wear some strong winter fragrance like Chanel Coco Noir at this point...crazy how rain can have an impact on your fashion/beauty regimen!

I got sent this Caudalie Rose de Vigne Eau Fraîche in early June and I was really surprised as I had no idea that Caudalie was in the fragrance biz. Rose de Vigne is the ultimate summer scent with strong zesty notes of bergamot and rose but also some musk - I am not scent expert but I always recognize musk in a perfume, go figure out how haha. 

I really like the fruity and floral mix of the scent but some for reasons this perfume just isn't for me. 
After spritzing it on myself many times, I just can't stand how it turns on me although I really like the original scent. I had the same issue with Chanel Eau Tendre : amazing perfume but it was definitely not rocking my boat. 

Anyways... it was a bad news for me but a really great news for my mom haha! She has been wearing it all summer long and absolutely loves it! I would definitely give this perfume a 'trial period' before buying it - just as every other perfumes- but it is definitely worth giving it a sniff if you're on the look for a new summer scent!

Have you ever tried it?


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Kylie Jenner lip syndrome

I have been faithful to my dear Mac - Myth lipstick for a solid 6 years now (well..that's a lot) but coming back from vacations, my tan skin just wasn't working with that really pale nude shade so I knew it was the perfect time to finally get that Kylie Jenner lip syndrome and try that 'dark nude' very 90's lip look. Although I'm far from having her prominent lips, it's crazy how a little lip liner can make your lips look a little fuller. No, I never used lip liner as a contouring lip thing. I just used it under a bright lipstick to define my lips and make the lipstick last longer. 

My first choice was the lip liner Subculture by Mac (as seen on The Persian Babe) then I quickly loved the result so much that I ended up going back to mac and picking Honeylove and Yash.

This weekend I went back to Mac with the purpose of finally getting those famous Kylie Jenner shades - Soar and Whirl - but it was out of stock worldwide due to that KJ syndrome.

I ended up getting Velvet Teddy, just because I couldn't cope with that emptiness feeling of leaving Mac empty handed.

Honeylove is the "palest" of them 'all. It's such a gorgeous shade, I can definitely see myself wearing it even this winter when I'll be less tan. It reminds me so much of Myth, just a tad darker!
Yash is much more brown-ish while Velvet Teddy has a little purple undertones - well, in my opinion...I am no expert, maybe it's actually not the case at all haha.

These 3 lipsticks are completely matte yet not too drying on the lips. I definitely remember now how much I love Mac lipsticks finishes - for the satin & matte range.

I am now on the hunt for Soar & Whirl,  although these shades are much, much more darker...I think I'm ready to go to that 'next level' of dark nude-ness.

That being said, I wish you all a very happy new week. Today is going to be hardcore work mode but then later I'll grabbing something to eat with my dad so I'm really excited, plans like these are making my day going by so much faster :)


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Floral for fall

Floral for fall

The weather got me like : fall fashion mode ON. No but really, I think I have been so over this weather that I can't stop but dreaming about fall. Even though it seems like sunny days have come back where I live, I think my brain just turned off any summer vibe and just want to buy all the fall stuffs. I spend hours online looking for all the new fall collections - and then sh*t happens and I click "confirm order".

I can't even think about buying a bikini or little white crochet beach dress. The excitement of summer has just dropped like a failed soufflé. Onto my early fall wishlist now:

Just a little grey knits (2, 4) - here - , just because it's what you live in during fall.

I already bought this Kimono (1) - here - and it's the perfect day time little piece. You could easily dress it up with a statement necklace or a red lipstick and heels. I have been living in this and my girlfriend jeans (8) - here

The fall floral dress (3) - here - . Paired with a leather jacket and little boots... walking in the crisps leaves with a cup of Starbucks. I can't wait!

The black little plaited skirt (5) - here - which is my number 1 winter staple. It always look good with a leather  jacket or an oversize sweater and boots.

Talking about boots (6, 9), here's two of my favorite so far  - here - and - here -

And finally, my dream bag, still to this day is the Phillip Lim Pashli (7) - here - but I am waiting patiently in case they release it with nickel hardware, I'm over my 'gold' obsession so now I only want to wear silver!

I can't be the only one day dreaming about fall fashion already....or I am ? haha


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Weekend vibes

Hello everyone: YAY to me blogging. Where I have been all this time? WORK of course. I have started a new exciting job in the cosmetic industry in early july after a month of vacations. Today, it was the perfect day to start blogging again and take some blog pictures. I got this dress from H&M this week and I am obsessed with it : the thick material, the color, the length. It's the perfect midi dress. I literally had to bribe my boyfriend to take some pictures, he hates it but I'm super happy with the pictures although he is not mastering my camera THAT well yet, there is still a lot of blurry/ eyes closed snaps, haha! Today we went to Liège for a treat day of shopping, eating and just enjoying that weekend I have been waiting all week long. It's finally sunny over here so we just make sure we enjoy every seconds of it.. the rain is just around the corner. 

Tomorrow I'll try to go back into diet mode : no carbs at night and one hour of cardio every day. No more M&Ms, burgers and pizza.... until I get my next nervous food breakdown and pig out all the food in my frigde.

Dress: H&M (here) / Bag: Zara / Sunnies: Quay 


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Makeup haul - in Italy!

Ciao tutti! When on holidays....just buy more makeup, right ? Haha. I just couldn't help myself when I was in Italy as I discovered the brand Pupa in a drugstore. As the days when by, I kept on buying more and more stuff. Two lipsticks...then a highlighter...oh look at the eyebrow palette...and the huge bronzing powder! It just went on and on....and on! 

Pupa is a brand I had barely heard of before so I was really excited to finally try it! Isn't that what traveling is all about? Discovering new brands of makeup?  The lipsticks I got are SO good, I could easily compare them to mac but more in a more affordable range of price. Super creamy, long lasting and overly pigmented!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate to beauty of my new blush/highlighter? Look at all of these coral shades. Perfect for summer! 

I also treated myself  at the duty free with the Clarins HydraQuench Serum - after months of dreaming about it - and it is so far the best thing that has ever happened in my skincare routine. 
My skin has been super dry from all the sun and the sea water so I needed a little help to get my moisture back. I apply it twice a day right before my Embryolisse Lait crème concentré. 


Ciao Italia!

Hi girls! I'm back from a two weeks holiday in Sardinia - Italia! It was AMAZING. I've had such a good time there, eating tons of pasta and pizza while enjoying the most gorgeous beaches.  It was so relaxing to finally to get away from the grey-ness of my country and spice things up a notch! My italian was really lame so I had to speak spanish most of my our trip. The boyfriend and I really had such a fun time! I am now feeling super ready for summer. I'm leaving one more week to the UK then I'll be starting a very new exciting project in July! I can not wait. 2015 is really looking good so far - and I like it! 

I hope you all had a good start of the summer as well!


Friday, June 5, 2015

Get ready for your vacays!

Hi girls! What's up? Is the heat wave doing you well? Over here, I'm loving every minute of it. The light was on point in my room so I thought what a perfect time to shot some pictures for the blog before heading of vacations. Yes, vacations are just around the corner and I'm more excited than ever. 

I truly need some time away, sleeping all day on the beach and eating good things. This year was quite rough and I need a serious time off from all the stress and the pressure haha! 

I currently in the 'vacays prep' mode. You know all those things you need to do before leaving. Check list, buying more bikinis and SPF 50 - yes my skin is very sun sensitive - picking all of your outfits, making sure your luggage is not overweight but also getting your skin ready. After 6 months of horrible weather and a little bit of lacking in the pampering sessions due to pure laziness, now I need my pins to be looking their best, my teeth whither than ever and my hair looking healthy. 

Ok so the shaving part. Usually I don't shave all year round, I try to throw a little epilation  session or two in the mix to avoid the 'yeti legs' syndrome at the end of the winter but this year I was just so over the weather and pretty much shaved all the time. Shaving is good, I'm all for it but I believe that it's good to alternate with an epilation to slow the growing process. Now that I'm going on vacays, I don't want to shave every day so I need to be brave and go for that epilation sesh! I've received the new Braun Silk Epil 7, right in time for my torture session haha. Ok it's not THAT bad, I have had many bad memories with electric epilator in the past but this one is the best I have every used by far. The torture process was super quick, I was really shocked at how fast I was done with it. It does hurt but less than the others I have used in the past. 

Of course, I'll still take my mini Venus Snap razor with me, you never know what can happen haha!

To get your skin ready before vacations, you need a lot of scrubbing and a LOT of moisturizing.
My skin has suffered from all of those cold months. I have been using the Kruidvat Spa Secrets Jelly Body Scrub with my massage glove to make sure I get rid of all the dead skin so my tan is going to last much much longer. Then I moisturize with this new Kruidvat Spa Secrets Coconut Water & Frangipani body butter aka the bomb dot com. It's SO good I am obsessed with it. It smells like monoï, it's absolutely divine. 

On my face I have been loving the new Olaz Pro Vital and Sensitive day creams. They both have a very subtle scent - which I love - and also SPF 15. The Anti-wrinkle label is not my thing, I'm more of a pro wrinkle kinda person and I don't feel like a cream is going to get rid of my wrinkles. If one day I don't want them anymore I'll just get botox haha! 

I'll bring this shampoo with me on vacays as it's apparently strengthening & soothing = everything I love/need during vacations at the day.

Teeth wise, I get them bleached with my favorite Crest product and I'm going to try using this new Oral B toothpaste to up keep the whiteness! 

What are your must haves before going away?


Event ⎜Kruidvat Spa Secrets

Hello girls :) The other day I went to a really exciting event with two of my favorite belgian bloggers Lindsay (blog) and Cynthia (blog). We went to Antwerp for the evening as Kruidvat - one of the biggest drugstore in Belgium - was launching its new SpaSecrets range. 

If you already shop in Kruidvat, you know that we love going there for really affordable products like Catrice/Essence or even cotton pads! I never tried any of the Kruidvat brand before as I have to admit the packaging tends to be quite cheap. Kruidvat really wanted to get that idea out of people's mind with this new range of spa at home products. 

The packaging is really gorgeous and you don't get any 'kruidvat' mention in your face - which is great if you want to offer the range as a present. The price on the side is still what you are used shopping in Kruidvat : really affordable. From 2,99 to 4,99 for the whole range! wow! 

The range has three different scents from all over the world:

Miracles of Bali: my favorite for vacations! Smells like Monoï. The body butter is SUPER intense. Absolutely perfect for my very dry -all year round- skin. I'll bring this little gem with me on vacays for sure! 

Treasures of Morocco: a super sweet, in very oriental way scent. The scrub is out of this world and the shower gel is really interesting texture wise. It's one of those products you use for your 30 minutes long shower.

Traditions of Japan: is the more neutral-scent oriented range. It's suitable for both you and your boyfriend. It's the kind of scent you get for a relax moment in your shower. It's a zen scent haha! The shower gel-scrub is really good. Not too harsh yet it really is good for an every day scrub.

These three ranges are now available in your nearest Kruidvat drugstore, go get'emmmm! :)

I hope you're all doing good!

Thank you Kruidvat for having us!


Monday, May 18, 2015

A few summer basics

New basics

Hello girls! Summer is just around the corner and here's a few things I have order lately. I have been feeling like wanting to spruce things up in my closet lately. Out with the old stuff, in with the new! I even did a closet sale on saturday and it actually wasn't that bad to get rid of some of my 'old' - last year - favorite items!

 I needed a lot of new basics, so here's what I got so far:

 Ripped jeans - these ones are the Lucas from Topshop, I got them today and they fit so well! They're  a straight leg jeans and they look super laid back. Add a little pair of mules and a lousy top for a perfect evening summer look.

Grey tee - I got this top in white, black & grey. The perfect everyday long sleeve ribbed top.

White blazer - Nothing screams more summer than a white long line blazer. This one is so perfect as it has a bit of a masculine vibe to it but it's still super chic. Perfect to dress up or for a more casual day look. 

Espadrilles - the perfect white pair from Asos. Espadrilles + a good pair of ripped jeans = the perfect summer combo!

 Leather black bag - I needed a new shoulder everyday black bag and I have found this one on the tiptop website. I love the leather material and the two zips on the sides, it gives that extra edgy look. 

Highlighter - You need highlighter all year round but even more during summer. That extra glow is always welcome! One of my favorite lately has been the 'Glow' in Gleam by Topshop. Look at that rose gold packaging! 

Mules - If you haven't need to get yourself a pair of mules! They're my new favorite heels for summer. So easy to walk with and really comfy. It also adds an extra edge to any of your outfit. Love!

Denim shorts - The ultimate summer look. To be paired with a white shirt and some espadrilles. 

These are kind of items you can wear over and over again during summer time, for a comfy day out or just add a pair of mules and you're good to go for drinks at night with your girls. 
You may have noticed that I added a little extra on my wishlist, the Balenciaga wallet. This wallet is the ultimate basic. It's pricey but it's also timeless. To get or not to get? 

1. Wallet: Balenciaga (here) // 2. Grey tee: Topshop (here) // 3. Earrings: Zara (here
 4. Denim shorts: Zara (here) // 5. Mules: Nelly (here) // 6. Jeans: Topshop (here
 7. White blazer: Topshop (here) // 8. Leather tote bag: Topshop (here
 9. White espadrilles: Asos (here) // 10. Beauty stuff: Topshop (here) and (here)


The white blazer

Hi girls! The other day I had a wonderful date night and it was the perfect time to finally wear my white blazer. I know this blazer has been quite all over the Insta-world everybody seem to have gotten it. I just fell in love with it, look at this little gem. How chic is it?  Okay now I have to face the reality that  having a white blazer is a lot of work. It's already all stained from just one night of wearing it, but it's's worth it!  Let's mention how delicious was the food at the restaurant we went at, very simple yet delicious!  That's my idea of the perfect date night. Lots of food and some booze haha!

You can follow me on snapchat too, my username is Mypreciousnp (what a surprise!!!!)

Blazer: Zara (here) // Ripped jeans: Topshop (here) // Sandals: Zara // Bag- Nelly